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The insurance policy becomes active after 7 days of making the contribution.
Insured Claim Type Insurance Coverage Value Insured
Scammers 0% $0
Devaluation 0% $0
Stolen Funds 0% $0

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In order to enable insurance you must have at least 2500 SURE

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SURE tokens required
80000 SURE
* Your coverage will be valid for 0 year/s after the 7 full days of enabling the insurance policy.
Insured Claim Type Insurance Coverage Value Insured
Scammers $90% $18000
Devaluation $85% $18000
Stolen Funds $65% $18000
In order to enable the insurance policy you need to Contibute SURE tokens to the Community Vault:
Make sure to leave at least 1 SURE in your wallet for future Votings & Claims.

Verify the contribution receiver address before sending SURE on Network

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