Offering the Best Insurance for Crypto Portfolios

We are tired of seeing people get scammed and having no collateral for their DeFi losses. Our solution will protect your portfolio from scammers and unexpected losses.

We provide different plans that are very clear and simple to understand.

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Protect Crypto Investors from Scammers & Devaluations

The first idea behind this project is to get rid of the situations where our fellow investors lose their money completely.

We are here to provide stability to the crypto world and protect people from their mistakes and from fraudulent activities of others.

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Help as Many Investors & Traders as Possible

We don't want our fellow investors & traders to end-up in a situation where they lose most of the crypto portfolio because of unexpected causes.

Helping other people is very important to us. We are willing to establish a 24/7 support system to help as many people as possible.

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Strength is in Honesty

inSure Ecosystem's Whitepaper

Strength is in Honesty

inSure DeFi Token Risks

We believe in honesty and integrity that is why we openly disclose the token risks with our community members.

inSure Token - Infinity Project

How it works?

Acquire SURE tokens

In order to insure your crypto portfolio, you simply need to purchase/acquire SURE tokens from available exchanges and enable coverage from the Dashboard.

Insurance will be enabled after 7 days of contributing SURE to the community vault.

Please refrain from storing your SURE tokens on centralized exchanges. In order to process the insurance claim, you will need to create a proposal on Snapshot (Please see "Submit Request") with your private wallet.

Stake SURE on DEXs by Contributing to Liquidity Pool and protect your funds in SURE LPs.

Buy SURE tokens

Submit Request

If your portfolio was affected by scam, drastic devaluation or stolen funds (exchange closure) we will be happy to reimburse your losses based on the plan chosen by you.

If you were unlucky and was affected by one of three reasons mentioned above, please create a ticket on Snapshot including:

Title: "[inSure DeFi] - [Insurance Claim] - [Coin/Token Name]"

1. Name of the crypto coin/token with the links to Coinmarketcap and Coingecko

2. Your Affected wallet address
* Optional: If the wallet is different, Sign the ownership proof with the affected wallet using MEW and place the signature to the ticket. (Login-> Message-> Sign)

3. Date of the incident

4. Your email and/or Telegram ID

5. Additional information to take into account

6. "Approve" and "Reject" voting options must be set for the ticket.

Please give the community members 3-4 business days to process your request (we will investigate the issue and provide the best available resolution)

Once the investigation is completed by the community members, the ticket with the summary of the Insurance Claim will be created on Snapshot with the link to the original request for the inSure DAO approval.
Anyone who holds SURE can vote on the insurance claim.

Create Insurance Claim

Receive Payment

inSure DeFi Community will process your request with diligence and approved claim will result in a transfer of SURE tokens from the community vault/s to the wallet of the claimer in the amount covered by the active insurance policy/s.

You are not forced to sell your SURE tokens right away, you can:
1. Use SURE for the new Insurance Policy/s from the Dashboard.
2. Have a voting power in the community by holding SURE.
3. Stake SURE on LPs and receive 24% APR.

Buy SURE tokens

Your Questions About inSure DeFi

Here are the most frequently asked questions from our community members