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inSure Token - Infinity System
+60% APY from the Staked SURE

STAKE on DEXs Enable Insurance


You can also exchange other crypto to SURE on the following exchanges (we are continuously working on adding other exchanges - grayed out):

inSure Token - Infinity Project

SURE Smart Contract Details

Token name: SURE
Address: 0xcb86c6a22cb56b6cf40cafedb06ba0df188a416e
Decimals: 18
Etherscan Swap to BEP20
Token name: SURE
Address: 0x9b17baadf0f21f03e35249e0e59723f34994f806
Decimals: 18
BSCscan Swap to ERC20
Token name: SURE
Address: 0xF88332547c680F755481Bf489D890426248BB275
Decimals: 18
PolygonScan Swap
Token name: SURE
Address: 0x5fc17416925789e0852fbfcd81c490ca4abc51f9
Decimals: 18
SnowTrace Swap
Q Network
Token name: SURE
Address: 0xBAE4E3d2b34234BDD2B9Fb9E053085aC07136b10
Decimals: 18
Q Explorer Swap

Wallets that support inSure token

We strive to provide the best experience. Any ERC20 compatible wallets can be used to hold SURE tokens.